Ninja no Sato. Mie Prefecture Iga city.Restaurant in front of Ueno-shi station.
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Lunch, snacks. We have menu that you can eat even for family and even for one person.

- Taste of Goemon -

At Goemon, I use a source made by my own.
Iga beef, one of the special products of Iga, has a lot of people who like it because of its refreshing taste with less fat.
We use such Iga beef for Hamburg steak, beef bowls and udon, and it is becoming a more exquisite dish by tangling with special sauce.


Rice uses Iga is a safe and delicious cuisine that sticks to high-quality food very much.
It is a healthy flavor because fried food is cooked with hot iron plates. Recommended for women too.

※ The photo is an example. The contents of the set etc will change according to the time.


Matcha used for sweets.
This Matcha is made by famous artisans such as "Winning the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize at the national tea ceremony meeting", and "Three consecutive victories at the national tea judging skill competition", and "Tea appraiser Kudan".
Please enjoy the best tea in Japan that you have carefully created with a unique manufacturing method.

A la carte
Box lunch(take out)

There is a box lunch.

The picture is an example.

Other takeaway menu

Order your box lunch at stores or by phone

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